Global Test Market Review

Global Test Market Review

Global Test Market is a reputable survey panel. They are currently looking for new members. Members get points (equal to $2.50 to $5 cash) for paid surveys, 100 points for online focus groups and 20 points for referrals. Members are paid in their local currency worldwide. It is free to join and a global paid surveys company.

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global test market review

Global Test Market Review: I can’t remember when I joined this survey site, but I think it’s been about 9 years or so now.

This is the first company that paid me $50 for taking online surveys in 2008.

GlobalTestMarket is, as far as I know, open to most countries including:

  • USA
  • the UK
  • Germany
  • the Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • and Australia

Global Test Market REWARDs PER SURVEY…

I took a long break from GlobalTestMarket. They seem to have missed me quite bad ‘cos things have gone a bit downhill over there. For every survey you attempt to complete, you get rewarded a certain amount of ‘marketpoints’. Each point is equivalent to 5 cents. Points used to vary b/w 5 and 50 points per survey, but now it appears to be more around 30. Also, before, you’d get 5 points if you didn’t qualify for a survey. That doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Instead, you get a free entry to a prize draw. I’ve also noticed that there are less surveys coming through that actually reward with marketpoints – some are prize-draw surveys regardless of if you qualify for them or not.

How Often Global Test Market Sents Survey Invitations?

Well, like most survey sites, it depends on where you live. It also depends on the ‘profile surveys’ you complete (i.e., telling GlobalTestMarket more about yourself so they can better determine your eligibility for certain surveys.)

How much time does it take to answer Global Test Market Surveys?

…anywhere from 10-25 minutes per survey.

When Global Test Market Pay?

Once you’ve accumulated 1000 points. You can then exchange it for a cheque worth $50. The cheque will be sent in your local currency. However, if you live in the following countries: Lithuania, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine …it’ll be sent in US dollars.


  1. in my experience, they do pay – i’ve gotten paid twice in the past (i don’t have a copy of the chqs, but if you take a look at breakdowns of my survey earnings for 2008 and 2009, you’ll see screenshots of when i reached the minimum payouts)
  2. other pro: there might be a higher payout threshold, but it means you get a bigger chunk once you reach it- the surveys are far from boring. I’ve been sent a couple of films and videos to survey which have been cool.
  3. it is great and now they pay via PayPal.


  1. it can take a while to reach payout, especially as they’ve decreased the points per survey.
  2. it can take anywhere b/w 4-6 weeks for the cheque to arrive if you live in the US, and 6-8 weeks if you’re outside the US.

A Few Tips to Maximize Your Earnings from Global Test Market

  • do make sure your name in their ‘Account Details’ section is the same as you’d like it to appear on your cheque.
  • try and complete your profile as it might increase the number of surveys you get. I found that it didn’t make a difference for me as I’d only ever completed 3 and I still reached payout. However, there’s no harm in completing all of them.

Conclusion: Should You You Join Global Test Market?

There are mixed reviews about GlobalTestMarket. Some have complained they hardly ever received surveys (or qualified for them), while others said the company had given excuse after excuse when they’d reached payout (and subsequently didn’t get paid). As with most things, do your own research before deciding whether to join or not.

Click Here To Register For Global Test Market  and take online surveys for money. It is FREE to join.

global test market scam

If you do join, do come back and let me know how it’s going for you.

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