Tips to Make Money from Surveys

Tips to Make Money Online from Surveys

Since the creation of the internet, people have been claiming they can a living online. Some can. Some cannot. There are a variety of ways to earn an income online but unfortunately, taking paid surveys is not one of them. Sure, they can bring a few bucks but only to the amount that it will pay for a few lattes. Let me be clear, making a few bucks through something as easy as taking a survey is a good thing but, please, do not be fooled by the sites that ask you to pay before you start making money. I’ve tried it. It does not work.

Very few survey sites actually have a variety of clients and even fewer actually send you worthwhile surveys. Those survey companies are not going to make you pay to take surveys. Out of about twenty-five sites I’ve signed up for, about three have actually sent me a survey and have paid me. Those are the one you want to sign up for. However, before you do, let me offer a few words of advice.

First off, you will not earn a living. I have signed up with numerous survey sites and after a year I made around fifty to a hundred bucks. That’s not bad for sitting around taking a few easy surveys. Unfortunately, I was so sick of taking them after about four weeks that I began to delete most of the surveys from my email unless they offered over five bucks. (Most survey compensations range from two to three dollars.) You must have plenty of time on your hands and a real passion for earning money online if you really want to make a substantial amount of money. Let me give you a quick scenario.

John is an average internet user who has decided to sign up for three working survey companies. Let’s say he receives five invitations a week that will take him twenty minutes a piece. That’s about one and a half hours. Now consider that each survey paid about three bucks. That’s $15 for an hour and a half of filling in bubbles.

(”5x 20-minute surveys” + “$3 a survey” = “One hour and forty minutes; $15″)

Sure, that’s a pretty productive Saturday afternoon but trust me, it gets old. In any case, if you’ve read this far and still think you’re made for the job, let me give you a few tips:

See the survey as a game. Most surveys have a little completion bar that shows a percentage of the survey completed. See that bar and make it your goal to fill that thing up. Don’t go too fast because the survey companies sometimes measure the time taken on a page and can compare your responses to others. I’m sure they have something in their Terms & Conditions that say they can terminate you at anytime.

Make sure the survey is worth the money. Do not take a 50-minute survey if they are only a two dollar compensation or entry into a contest. It’s not worth it.

Refer others. Most survey companies will pay you to refer your friends to their site. I know some people who actually make more referring others than they do by taking surveys.

Never pay anyone anything to take a survey or get a list of survey companies and get paid to take surveys.

Well, now that you know the real story behind making money by taking surveys, you can make an educated decision on how to proceed. Good luck!